Founder, early-stage investor, maker and designer at heart

Co-Founder & CTO at Advocate Technologies, previously Co-Founder & CTO at Dorsia.io. Former Design Systems Architect at Shopify and Lead Front-end Architect at Y Combinator-backed startup, Chute. Creator of iotaCSS, an intelligent, scalable, open-source, SASS-based design-agnostic framework.

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(Co-Founder & CTO)

We're shaking up the insurance game for lenders! As a cutting-edge startup, we're modernizing insurance compliance from origination to servicing. As the Co-Founder and CTO, I steer the ship on all things Engineering and Design, making sure we scale smoothly and smartly.


(Design Systems Architect, Polaris)

Ever interacted with Shopify's admin? Then you've met Polaris! It's the golden standard for creating epic merchant experiences. As one of the minds behind its architecture and development, I took the reins to sculpt one of the world's most recognized design systems.


(Co-Founder & CTO)

Your pocket guide to the world's best spots, powered by industry mavens! We serve up curated travel gems via our iOS/Web app and API. As Co-Founder and CTO, I built and scaled the engineering, design, and product teams, making wanderlust easier than ever.


(External Engineering Lead & Advisor)

Imagine a world where every clothing rack is a gateway to a perfect fit—that's Hemster's vision. I architected, developed, and designed the complete technological landscape, from the Admin interface and API to the warehouse operations app. Tailoring has never been this tech-savvy or scalable.


(Lead Front-end Developer)

More than just burritos, Chipotle stands for a radical idea: real food tastes better and does better—for you, for people, and for the planet. As the Front-end Lead, I built the website from the ground up, enhanced projects like Pizzeria Locale, and had the privilege of creating Chipotle's design system for a consistent user experience across all platforms.



Imagine iotaCSS as a smarter, sass-based, design-agnostic framework designed for high-performance UIs. I initially developed it in 2013 to transform how we approach writing and thinking in CSS. After rigorous testing and implementation in a slew of internal projects, it was officially launched to the public in 2017. A true labor of love that's intended to make the CSS world a better place.


Right now, I'm pouring all my energy into Advocate Technologies, my very own passion project, so I'm not looking for new job opportunities. But hey, I'm always up for a good chat over coffee about exciting ideas and projects you're working on. Feel free to reach out; let's caffeinate and converse!

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