Front-end Architect specializing in scalable Design Systems

Co-Founder & CTO at Dorsia.io. Previously Design Systems architect at Shopify and Lead Front-end Architect at the YC backed startup, Chute. Creator of iotaCSS, a smart, open source, SASS based, design agnostic framework built for scale.

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(Co-Founder & CTO)

Dorsia aggregates travel recommendations from industry experts (critics, travel writers, and influencers) and generates guidebook content that can be consumed through our iOS/Web app, or directly through an API.


(Design Systems Architect, Polaris)

I had the priviledge of working with Shopify's Polaris team to design and develop the architecture for v2.0 of their design system, Polaris, and create a great experience for all Shopify's merchants.


(Lead Front-end Developer)

Worked with the team of Chipotle to create a modular, performant and scalable website. Aside of their main website, I was also leading the development of Cultivating Thought, Cultivate Festival and Pizzeria Locale.


(Consultant/Front-end Architecture)

I'm proud to be working closely with one of the most successful furniture brands. And while I'd love to tell you everything about the work I've done there, keeping quiet about the details is just part of the job.



iotaCSS is a smart, open source, SASS based, design agnostic framework built for scalable and performant UIs. It’s a labor of love, incepted more than 2 years ago based on my experience with CSS at scale.


(Lead Front-end Architect)

I worked at Chute, a YC-backed startup based in San Francisco as the Lead Front-end Developer. I implemented a custom Design System based in React to manage the company’s growing front-end applications.I was able to reduce the code to 80% and increase performance to 40%.


(Lead Front-end Developer)

Worked at Sequence (acquired by Salesforce) on both company and client projects including sequence.com and chipotle.com. As the lead, I was responsible for implementing the initial Design System used across the organization.


(Front-end Architecture & Development)

I had the priviledge of working with one of the most advanced Wordpress hosting providers. The challenge was to build a universal, scalable and maintainable Design System based on Wordpress and Vue.js. Challenge accepted.


Picture.io measures how influential you are on Instagram. It was the result of a challenge we had at Chute to build a complete product in less than 48 hours. It made it to #1 of ProductHunt.


(Co-Founder & CTO)

I left the security of a stable job to build my own company. Worldly was a travel startup that made it easier for people to record their travel experiences and discover new ones. It was sold in 2013.


I'm available for hire to consult, advice and develop product-based projects and work closely with the team to build a scalable and maintable codebase.

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